"Sotelo's music is one of the most intense illuminations that the semantics of words can possibily find in the air of sounds"

(Emilio Lledó)

"Mauricio, a great friend and a magnificent artist!"

(Gerard Mortier)

A Few Words About Me

My name is Mauricio Sotelo and I am a Spanish composer and conductor. Since I was a child, I dream of music and colours, which is perhaps why I became a composer. I find inspiration from 'flamenco', nature, mountains, poetry, innovative arts, and Giordano Bruno's writings. I am the creator of the so-called "spectral flamenco" or "alter flamenco". I am motivated to teach and help young composers, so I am professor for composition at the ESMUC in Catalunya. I adore conducting both my music and that of young composers, as well as great classical repertoire.

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My Works


Opera is my great passion, both as a composer and as a listener and music lover.



Chamber music has always been a profound experience for me and the door to the music I adore, like Schubert's quartets.


As a composer, to write for solo instruments has always been the beginning of a friendship with the performers I admired.


Dreaming, imagining and 'painting' the infinite color palette of the orchestra is my life.


During my studies in Vienna, I had a horrible voice, and the "Chorleiter" of the Hochschule choir kindly kicked me out; maybe this is why I look for beauty in vocal expression


"Voz de dolor y canto de gemido"       flamenco captivated me from very early on. After many years of hard work, the world of flamenco has generously recognized my contribution. As a result, I am considered the creator of 'spectral flamenco' or 'alter flamenco.' Thanks to all the great flamenco artists who have contributed to "set fire" to my music.


Working with ensembles has been the basis of the development of my orchestral thinking .


One day I decided to remove from the catalogue all the works written before 1988. Perhaps little by little, they will come back to light (once corrected).


Some works are born in a dream and take a short time to materialize on the  paper, and others require a much longer process—the mystery of musical composition.

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